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Top 10 Mobiles under Rs.15,000 to buy during the Big Savings Sales!

Mobiles are an Integral Part of Our Lives Today

Today, Mobiles are a given in our lives. Right from morning, when we get up using our phone as an alarm, to listening to latest songs, old music, podcasts or checking messages on the WhatsApp, Telegram, Messenger, Skype & Email, to doing our work on Google sheets or MS Word, and the list goes on. The point is that, we are hardly away from our phones, anytime of the day. Given the extensive use of the mobiles for studies, work and leisure, a good quality device is a need of the hour. And, with a lot of festivals, offers and online sales ( Amazon Prime Day Sale & Flipkart ) on in Aug, there couldn’t be a better time to buy your desired mobile.

Key Things to Keep in Mind while Choosing Your Mobile

Long Battery Life - While, there are more specifications in a phone than one can keep a track of, there are a few key features that are more important than others & play a decisive role in choosing the phone. The first and most important is the battery life of the phone. With increased number of meetings, calls, messages and even binge watching TV shows, a good battery life is a huge Plus (or sometimes even the basic requirement). On an average, a 4000 mAh battery is the one which serves the purpose.

Good Camera- A good quality camera is useful in more than one aspect. The primary purpose, that of clicking photos (mostly selfies & of course group photos) has taken a backseat. The camera now is used for utility in attending meetings, scanning documents and other work related tasks. While the quality of photos and videos that a particular mobile delivers differs from model to model, a 16MP camera, should most of the time provide the desired results.

Operating System- Since, Android is the most widely used and available Operating System in this price range, access to the latest version (Android 10) is necessary so as to have access to the latest updates. In addition, most of the brands have their own user interface (UI) to complement the OS and enhance the experience.

Keeping in mind these important features, we recommend the following 10 Best options for you to buy this festive season.

Comparison of Top 10 Mobiles Below Rs. 15,000

The internal storage (RAM / ROM) of 4GB / 64GB is the same across all the models for the price cap of INR 15,000. The higher storage variants of the same models exceed Rs. 15,000.

More Details on the Mobiles

  1. POCO M2 Pro - Probably the best phone in the under Rs. 15000 price segment, it gives more than satisfactory results with a great battery life that can last a day with moderate use, clicks stunning pictures and also gives a decent performance. The extraordinary 33 W fast charging is the phone’s USP. It can handle long periods of gaming without getting heated .

  2. Realme 6 - Real Me 6 has a large screen at 6.5 inches with an impressive 90 % screen-to-body ratio. With a 30 W fast charging, 90 Hz refresh rate (resulting in smoothest displays in its' category), user friendly Realme UI coupled with an outstanding performance, the Realme 6 is providing features very rare in this price segment. The only area of improvement for the phone is in the low light situations, whereas, the pictures taken in the night are not of high quality.

  3. Redmi Note 9 Pro - This has a 6.67 inches LCD screen & a 60 Hz refresh rate. It also has a powerful Octa Core Snapdragon 720 G processor with good 48 MP Quad camera including a Macro camera. The drawback would be the poor quality of photographs , when taken in low light.

  4. Samsung Galaxy M30S - The Samsung M series of phones were launched to compete with Xiaomi, RealMe & Honor series. With its astounding battery life of 6000mAh, super AMOLED display and smooth performance, the Samsung M30S is giving all of them a strong competition. The good point to note is that even with the massive battery, the weight of the phone is only 188 gm.

  5. RedMi Note 9 - This phone comes with a strong Mediatek Helio G85 SoC Processor, an impressive 5020 mAh battery & is fast charging at 18 W. The 48MP Quad camera has night mode, portrait mode, ultra-wide angle that makes it worth the while for nature lovers or selfie enthusiasts to consider it. It also delivers 14 hours of gaming that makes it popular with the gaming community, along with a wide screen size of 6.53 inches.

6. Samsung Galaxy M21 - The polycarbonate body of the phone aids in keeping the phone light in spite of the 6000 mAh battery. The Battery of the phone can go on for a day and a half with moderate use. It's AMOLED display is superior giving sharp contrasts and deeper blacks. While the phone gives a decent performance, you should explore other options in case you are looking for good quality photography through the phone. In case, used in heavy games, it slows down the performance of the phone.

7. Realme Narzo 10 - It has a sleek design, however, the back panel of Realme Narzo has a striped plastic finish, that gives it a retro look. The 48 MP sensor and quad camera with wide angles and great selfies is the strongest feature of this phone. The Camera has 4 preset modes of Ultra, Normal, 2X & 5X, whereas, 48 MP operates in a separate mode. The Ultra Macro mode is the closest one can get to a microscope, magnifying things that would normally be bypassed by our eye. It's long battery life is ideal for gaming, but also could be the reason for its weight.

8. Honor 9X -With a Notch-less 6.59 inch big screen, it becomes difficult to hold 9 X with one hand. In terms of style, it has a plastic glossy back panel with a 3 D Geometric pattern that looks like an X, which may be an inspiration to call it 9X. If you are looking for a good looking phone with a pleasant viewing and performance, this phone is certainly for you. But the 4000 mAh battery, lack of a fast charging support at 10 W and the unimpressive processor are drawbacks that not many people would like to ignore.Add to that bloatware like First-party apps such as App Gallery, Honor Club, Honor Store, and iTips & Third-party apps, like Opera News, Booking, Wego Flights & Hotels, and Helo. While the Third- Party apps can be uninstalled, the First Party apps cannot be removed from the phone.

9. Vivo U20 - With the Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 chipset in this range coupled with a sturdy design, good UI and long battery life, Vivo U20 certainly is a good buy unless gaming and low-light photography are your priority. It does have an ultra Game mode that ensures nice gaming experience with playing games such a Call of Duty and PUBG, but the games are well played only, at the graphic quality & frame rate set at lowest of settings. There are some bloatware also on the phone, that ideally should be uninstalled.

10. RealMe 6i- RealMe 6 i is a stripped down version of RealMe6. Though, the MediaTek Helio G90T Processor as well as the battery at 4300 mAh is the same as RealMe 6, the charger is 20 W only in 6i. One good feature in this model is that of a 90 Hz refresh rate, that is usually not available on phones in this price range. One would have to watch out against Bloatware pre-installed on the phone like Realme Community, Realme Store, Amazon, Facebook, Google Pay, Realme Link, Realme Pay, WPS Office, HeyTap Cloud, DocVault, and Soloop, Stock Browser, App Market and uninstall the ones that are spamming or are not being used.

While the price difference between these phones is not too large, it’s up to the buyer to choose a phone based on the primary usage for which the mobile would be used, be it social media use, binge watching series, gaming, watching movies, and if the phone features support that function. Our research on the Top 10 Mobiles under Rs.15,000 to buy during the Big Savings Sales! is based on unbiased reviews, with the hope to help you make a better decision!

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